Saw this gif somewhere. Can’t resist to post. He’s so adorableeeee ♥


Half-naked NEWS…oh.. wait..Massu? XD



What have I done…

you just made Frozen so much better



Once our hero went to Miyakojima onsen.


"There were two of us guys in the room."


"This guy was the type who could catch them with bare hands." But he went to bathe and the moment he was out a cockroach attacked.


"Apparently it decided "Let’s go the moment this guy…




Wow 25 already! This time I didn’t take so long~
I’m waiting my friend because we’ll spend the weekend together so I thought meanwhile I’d come here.

Even though I don’t have anything special to talk about.

Dear addictdesu said that maybe there are silent readers of this blog and I kept…

Haha! I tend to become a silent reader when it comes to my fave authors’ fanfics because I get soooo tongue-tied and I couldn’t even type a word. ><

Wow I’ve never thought about “feedback” and other words in English (not a native speaker here too xD). I do notice but not really think about ‘em LOL

Looking forward to your Shige fic! I’m also writing a Tegoshi fanfic (I am actually writing THREE) for his birthday but right now I feel like giving up the other two ‘coz it’s taking all my time…  ugh weI’ll see. I’m shy to post it though *then why am I informing you this -_- okay I must be crazy now, bye!*

Now I know how to reply~ when is just a post reply I never can say anything back ;-;

Hahaha I know the feeling but sometimes as an authot we feel like giving up because seems like nobody cares T.T that’s why I like to post when I have a few chapters already, then I don’t feel so dismotivated.
I think there’ll be only four chaps but okay ~ I’ll write the other ones asap xD

I was writing a Massu fanfic called Bon Apettit but for some reason I can’t finish it :( I posted the first chapter but… then… i never posted anything else xD
I’ll try to finish that too.

Actually I had the idea of writing a fanfic for each member, making jokes with the names just as Namai no Nai Memo~ but I’ll need a lot of free time xD

Awwww please post yours! It’ll be a pleasure to read 😄😄😄
Don’t be shy no one’ll punch you for writing~ I bet there are way more shitter (?) Fanfics around internet~ (believe me I know a few xD)
Ok that’s almost another post sorry

Late reply, sorry! Due to real life obligations I can only go to tumblr like once or twice a week and for an hour or so only. Huhuu T_T

I’ve read Bon Apetit. It’s cute! Though I didn’t wonder if you’d still gonna post the continuation because every time you update your blog you sound really busy. I hope you can continue your fics, as I try with all of my energies to finish mine too! Btw, thanks for the encouragement, yes I’ll post mine on Tegoshi’s bday but I don’t think I’ll post them here in Tumnblr so I’ll just give the links :)

Have a nice day!


Tegoshi: I don’t want to cry in front of others.


itteq trying & the reaction afterwards


Once again ItteQ giving us fangirls what we need.

Bonus, go to HELLmet


go to HELLmet is actually my favorite part of the show hahahhah


Things that Tegoshi enjoys too much: ItteQ Danshi Team


Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge Episode 5:

"Why do you never think about things seriously?
That’s why you aren’t getting anywhere with Sunako-chan!”


Yep, I found their home video.

Everyone teasing Tegoshi’s love for coplay.


Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge Episode 6:

Mine: “Oh, you cut your hair, Kyohei?”
Kyohei: “It was getting a little annoying.”
Yuki: “It’s proof of our friendship!”


KちゃんNEWS (小山慶一郎) 2014年9月30日 ゲスト 加藤シゲアキ

In the opening Koyama asked what Shige has been up to recently and Shige said he’s been writing, going to the gym and then there have been some NEWS activities. Then Shige told an epic story of his encounter with a cockroach. He lives on a high floor and he didn’t expect to see one at his apartment but it appeared, probably from some cardboard box. He called it “gokiburi-chan” and said it was the size of a girl’s hair clip. He said it got somewhere behind the TV and he tried to get it out by bumping, then using incense until finally it jumped out. But then he lost sight of it and it kept getting away. The battle lasted 4 hours according to our hero. He finally managed to slay the beast making a “spear and shield” out of old magazines and toilet paper and then as it approached he whacked it with all his might. He was so serious and detailed about it, giving tips about how you should do it. Koyama was very impressed too, it was cure)) Shige then asked Koyama what he would do but Koyama said he’d just panic and try to trap it with a fry pan lid or something.

See also:

Then they talked about the fact that lately they became good at talking but they spend a lot of time on a topic and hardly read any mail anymore. Shige mentioned that Tegomass did a 100 messages challenge on their radio but of course there’s no way they could do that but they tried to answer a few. (the show is a lot shorter too) One mail was about washing your hair at the salon and Koyama said he talks a lot when he has his hair done.

Then they talked about 4x9. Shige said they the studio filming alone took 2,5-3 hours so I can only imagine how much good stuff they had to cut out. He said it made him realize how much they have grown, that before, even when they did Soukon they would probably be unable to handle such show, to carry the talks and all. He also said rather than being bullied they are now the ones that can bully. They both agreed it was very fun.

At the ending Koyama apparently offered Shige some sweets but he refused. They said it was grape season and Shige talked about his fruit ranking which is: apple pear, grape and peach. Koyama’s was: pineapple, apple pear, mango and Shige teased him saying it was the same as what female writers said earlier. They got so carried away talking about fruits that Koyama actually asked Shige “Where were we? Ending?!”

Afterthoughts: I love Koyashige hosting, it always flows so naturally though Shige tends to get carried away. I find it especially cute how Shige gives honorifics to different animals and objects. I mean cockroach-chan? Also I see Shige really follows everyone’s activities, he always seems to know who does what. I mean Tegoshi even said he sometimes finds out about his own work from Shige. The subtle Member Ai~♥


10/17 いっぷく まっすーの弟子にしてください 回転寿司